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What causes ghostly or paranormal activity?


  • Some people theorize that paranormal activity and the photos, audio, and video that we collect of it is caused by telekinesis or psychokinesis. This is popularly known as the ability to move objects with one's mind.

  • However, these abilities may be much more than that. Individuals believed to possess this ability are also said to be able to affect the normal operation of electrical devices and appliances, including cameras and other recording equipment.
  • Studies have been done in the U.S. on this ability, and more extensive studies were conducted in the former Soviet Union.
  • Some anecdotal evidence for this ability exists, but more extensive studies must be conducted to determine the extent of this ability in individuals who may possess it.

Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein said that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change from one form to another.
  • What does this have to do with ghosts? Well, when we are alive,we have electrical energy in our bodies. It is what makes our muscles move, among other things.
  • Our body itself is made up of chemical compounds, but it is powered by electrical impulses in the brain. When we die, our body's chemical compounds start to decompose. What happens to the electricity that was in our body, causing our heart to beat and making our breathing possible? There is no easy answer to that
  • Religions teach that this energy passes into another realm of existence. That is one explanation, and maybe we do.
  • The electrical nature of this energy could explain the disruptions in electrical equipment and unusual readings on EMF detectors that are said to accompany paranormal events.

Thomas Edison

  • It has been said that Edison is the greatest inventor who ever lived. Although that opinion of him may have dimmed somewhat in this advanced technological age, we cannot deny that he laid the foundation for many of the conveniences that we enjoy today.
  • I have read that towards the end of his life he worked on a secret invention - a machine that would allow the living to see and interact with the souls of the dead. I saw a movie about this machine on FOX family. (I know, I know , don't say it) In the movie this machine really worked!
  • It would be nice if this were true, but some people thought Edison had lost his mind when he referenced this invention or he may have been joking. Although some people claim he was on the verge of a breakthrough, to my knowledge this research was never really taken seriously and Edison's machine did not exist.

    The Truth

  • The truth is that we simply don't know what ghosts are composed of or what enables them to appear at some times and not at others. We don't even know if they exist. All "evidence" at this point in time is anecdotal and circumstantial. Many researchers claim to be looking for an answer.
  • I have often advanced the idea that we are attempting to evaluate these "things" (my technical word) with equipment that is designed to evaluate objects that exist in our 3 dimensions.
  • If ghosts exist at all, perhaps they exist outside the third dimension. So, these tools will be ineffective at best for studying them. I liken this dilemma to attempting to render a three dimensional object on a two diemnsional surface (paper). You just can't accurately represent it.
  • Another truth is that there are some people out there that fake ghost photos,encounters, etc. Maybe they like the challenge of fooling people, maybe they want attention, or maybe they are mentally ill and out of touch with reality. These people do serious damage to any credibility we may have.
  • Those of us who are serious about looking for answers would never fake anything, because we know that these events did occur as we describe them. We feel that ghosts exist. This does not mean that they do exist, it just means that we believe they do. As human beings it is difficult to separate belief (an emotional reaction) from objectivity. It's a struggle that causes us to constantly re-evaluate our methods and ideas.
  • We welcome intelligent discussion about any of these ideas, but we do not exist to debate the existence of ghosts or the paranormal. Their existence cannot be substantiated at this time, so debate concerning their existence is pointless.