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Parastudy Paranormal Investigation - October 10, 2009

Audio from that night

The Whole Gang (Minus Rich)

Tri County Paranormal was the proud host of another public paranormal investigation at Parastudy. Attendees reported auditory phenomena, feelings of being touched,and temperature and EMf fluctuations. The most dramatic event of the evening was a loud crash from the third floor when no one was up there, immediately followed by the sound of running footsteps.

Some Photos:

Joyce listens attentively to a session with her new Jensen SAB-55 Hack.
Unexplained Bright Spot captured when I saw a shadowy figure.

Joyce tries to feel the energy in the basement.
Joyce finally gets an "orb" photo.

Katt experiences the "Energy Wheel"
Something funny about this session...

 : : :
Lori and Laurie at the Jensen session.
 : : :
Lori, Rich, and Laurie at an outdoor Sangean session

 : : :
An "orb" captured where we experienced a presence outside.

If you have photos from that night that you would like to see posted here, please Send them to us!

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