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Fort Mifflin Overnight - September 11-12, 2009

Tri County Paranormal was the proud host of another interesting overnight at "The Fort that Saved America". Attendees reported auditory phenomena, and feelings of being touched.

EVP from Casemate 5. This was captured by Rich Neely from Hazleton Paranormal Society

Steve Edwards captured this photo
in Casemate 5 on a motion sensitive camera
The same image,inverted.

Laurie in Casemate 5
Fred enters Casemate 5

Some Photos from the Overnight:

Mike checks for a cold spot in Casemate 5
Sarae and Cleta on a Vigil in Casemate 5

Sarae and Joyce begin a Ghost Box session
in the Sally Port
Joyce tries out her K-2 in the Powder Magazine.

 : : :
Lady V was the winner of the ShackHack raffle -
donated by
Steve gears up with his night vision.

 : : :
Rich Hickman gives a history tour of the Fort.
 : : :
Laurie, our guest lead,
Rich Neely of Hazleton Paranormal,and Mary

 : : :
"I swear, the ghost was THIS big!"
 : : :
Laurie goes over equipment and protocols.

On the edge of their seats...

Ready to get started.

Laurie in Casemate 5
Fred enters Casemate 5

If you have photos from that night that you would like to see posted here, please Send them to us!

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