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Fort Mifflin Overnight

Tri County Paranormal was the proud host of another interesting overnight at "The Fort that Saved America". Attendees reported seeing shadow figures, auditory phenomena, and feelings of being touched.

One group experienced poltergeist activity in Casemate 5 when a stick and a bottlecap were thrown at them! The audio of that event is posted Here.

Three taps were recorded in response to a question in the Officer's Quarters as well. The audio of that event is posted Here.

Some Photos from the Overnight:

Casemate 11 investigation
The torpedo magazine has yielded interesting EVPs.

The Officer's Quarters is always an active spot
Right before the three taps...

Vigil in the Casemates
Entering the darkness of Casemate 5

Misty area in one of the Casemates
Investigating Casemate 1

Our events always have yummy cheesecake!
Bill was the lucky winner of the USS Salem Raffle

Bill sets up in Casemate 11

If you have photos from that night that you would like to see posted here, please Send them to us!

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