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Heilbron Mansion Update

The original part of the house (interior wall) dates to 1776. The property was owned by the Edwards family, who did have a daughter, but she was not murdered. The wife did suffer from depression and committed suicide in 1802, when her daughter was 16.
There are also rumors that a man committed suicide on the property as well, but have not been substantiated.
During construction of a swimming pool on an adjacent property, a small underground stone structure was discovered. It was near the creek. This may have been the "crypt" talked about in the book, but in reality it was likely a cold food storage chamber.

Light from the Mansion in its current location:

August 2006

I often drive by the house when I am in the area. The new house bears a slight resemblance to the old one, but there was some kind of romance the old one had that the new one doesn't. They do have a gazebo in the same spot the old house had one.

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