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The General Wayne Inn

Lower Merion, PA

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The General Wayne Inn

Downstairs Bar

Of course, there is no more access to the old inn. It has been completely taken over and refurbished by the Chabad Center for Jewish Life.
In most stories about the General Wayne Inn, this bar is mentioned as being haunted. I have been to the Inn several times, and the only time I experienced anything unusual in this area was when I arrived for a private investigation. At the time of this investigation, the inn was closed for business. I walked in and set my handbag on the bar. When I did, a machine behind the bar started spewing out paper. The interesting thing was that at the time, the machine was unplugged! I guess that was someone's way of saying hello.

Other areas of this property seemed to be more active. There is a story about a Hessian soldier being held or locked in the basement, where he died.

Basement Excavation

Excavations were begun after a man from Olyphant who had never visited the inn began dreaming of a man named Ludwig who claimed to be buried under the inn, and desired a catholic burial. The excavation proved too dangerous, and was halted after a couple of days.

At the top of the stairs to the second floor is the chandelier with a mind of its own. On occasion, one of the crystals will swing by itself, while the rest of the crystals remain still. I have witnessed this, and it is a little unnerving.

Crystal Chandelier

It is also in this area on the second floor where a serving girl is said to have been raped and strangled.

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