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The Crier in the Country
Glen Mills, PA


I have had so many experiences here, and the restaurant is so rich in history, I barely know where to start! This inn/restaurant used to be a private home. The source for the most famous ghost lies there.

The house was built in 1740 and was added to in 1861. In the late 1940's the building was used as a retirement home. In 1968 it was opened as a restaurant.

Lydia Pennel was one of the inhabitants when it was a private home. She was widowed and she did her best to hold on to the house that had been the home in which she shared many happy years with her husband. Her spirit is seen most often in the second floor room, now called the Lydia Room, which was once her bedroom.

The spirit of a young woman is said to frequent the area of the downstairs women's restroom. She startles people, but like Lydia, seems content to just watch the activity going on without interacting with the current residents and visitors. It has been said that this restroom ghost is the spirit of Lydia's daughter.

The third floor is the 'home' of a less hospitable ghost. His identity has not been ascertained at this point. This area used to be the servant's quarters during the time the house was a residence. Later it was used as living quarters for the restaurant owners.

A young boy who was a relative of the owners, reported that a shadowy form tried to envelop him as he slept in the third floor bedroom. At another time, the owner was resting in this same room, and his pet German Shepherd had followed him up there. Suddenly, the dog began barking and growling at the door to the room. The dog continued backing up, then began whining, tore across the room and leapt through and out the third floor window to his death! The man saw nothing during this incident, but was understandably disturbed by it!

I first toured the house when we were scouting locations for the BarskyShow Halloween broadcast. The current owners were very hospitable, and very open to the possibility that the location was haunted.

I returned to the restaurant for dinner a few months ago, and my dinner partner and I kept seeing someone in white walk by on the front porch. We asked the waitress if anyone was out there, and she said "No." We saw the figure a few more times, and got up to investigate ourselves, but there was no one there.

This is a location that requires further investigation. If you have had any experiences there, please tell us!

Indian artifacts have been found on the property. it is known that this was a site of some Native American activity before the house was built. During the American Revolution, two British soldiers were hanged in the area, but they have been claimed by different sites around the Battle of Brandywine it is known, however, that the British army camped on the property during the battle.

This is a picture I took of one of the mirrors in the dining room. These are electric lights, not candles, so what is the source of the misty, smoky looking trail emanating from the area of the candle? I don't know. During one of my visits I and my companion distinctly heard gas jets being turned on. Maybe there is a spirit that prefers candlelight!

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