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USS Constellation Overnight - October 24 - 25, 2009

Tri County Paranormal was the proud host of an overnight at The USS Constellation in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Attendees reported auditory phenomena, captured EVPs and anomalous photos. Many attendees had intense personal experiences during the investigation.

EVPfrom the Berth Deck on the USS Constellation. This was captured by Laurie Hull, as she was explaining how the Mel Meter works. She says, "This has an um.." and a male voice whispered, "Quiet." At the time we were setting up on a table in the sick bay.

EVPfrom the Berth Deck on the USS Constellation. I remarked that there was a voice from the group upstairs..and then a male whisper "Go to sleep"...I continue,"Yeah" and then the voice whispers "Please".

Unexplained Noisefrom the Orlop Deck on the USS Constellation. I asked the spirit of the man who was washed overboard to make his presence known and we heard a water sloshing sound. This was the only time in the 45 minutes we were down there that we heard or recorded this sound.

EVPI was responding to a question formn a participant about where the "head" was and I said the harbor is that way..and an unexplained voice whispers "Yes"

Some Photos from the Overnight:

Bill, Joyce, and the others at the presentation.
View of Berth Deck from the Hospital area -
Where we recorded EVPs (above)

Sal checks out the Orlop Deck
Where we recorded the water sound.

Jen watches for activity in the restricted area.
View of Gun Deck.

If you have photos from that night that you would like to see posted here, please Send them to us!

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