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Chestnut Hall B & B Ghosts


New Oxford, PA

Bill Horton investigates the hallway...

We did a live broadcast and investigation here on Jan. 10, 2010. This place has at least four distinct intelligent entities here. One is a very proper woman named Elizabeth, another is an early 1930's modern flapper -type girl named Claire, another is an older business man who thought of the place as his "castle", and there is also a young maid or serving girl.
The place is full of antiques and the owners are paranormal investigators themselves, which gives the place a unique energy. If you are visiting Gettysburg, this B & B is just 10 miles away! To book a room there, or a paranormal investigating overnight, please contact Steve through their Make sure you mention that you heard about Chestnut Hall here on on our radio show.

Audio Files:
Jensen Session:
Question: Or you could sing a song...R: "No!"
Question: Who are we talking to? R: "Paul"
Question: Is there something Elizabeth would like to have done? R: "I suffered"
Question: Or is it Clara? R: "Ooooh Yes"
I say "hello" and then man says "the house is haunted" and then a woman says "hello"
We were in the kitchen. The owners told us guests were not allowed there. On this file you will hear Bill ask, "Not even for a midnight snack?" The owner replies ,"No," and this is gollowed by an unexplained, whispery, "Noooo." Whispery Nooooo

We were in the front sitting room and I was describing the room as the spirit woukd like it, with more places to sit. An unexplained whisper comments, "Sit down."
Whispery Nooooo

Check back for more photos and audio as we review ours.

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