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Gettysburg Battlefield Ghosts

Brooke reported the following experience in Gettysburg on Satyrday, November 29, 2003:

I was in Gettysburg yesterday and had the creepiest experience. During the day we went up to Little Round Top and I tried to take a picture of a monument and my camera would not take the picture after I focused the lense. A few minutes later another man tried to take a picture of his daughter in the same location and his camera would not work either. At dark we went on the battlefield directly across the street from the cemetary and I tried to take pictures of the monuments with the men on horses (I am guessing they were generals because I could not tell who was who in the dark). Well, I could not take a single pictures even though throughout town my camera was working fine. It is also a brand new Nikkon camera. Well, my boyfriend did not believe me and tried to take pictures there as well. Needless to say, it didn't work. He told me to turn around and take a picture of the museum across the street and it took the photo no problem. As soon as I turned around it would not take a picture of anything on the battlefield! We left but my boyfriend made me turn around because he thought there was an explanantion. What happened next scared us both to death. I was sitting in the car across the street and he got out to take a picture of the same statue. He yelled that the entire monument was gone. I grabbed the camera and focused the picture and there was a blank space where the statue was! Everything else was still there, but a blank spot where the statue should be. I put the camera down and it was back. I picked up the camera one more time and it was gone!! My boyfriend never gets scared and he is not a firm believer in the supernatural but he was so scared!! The only two pictures that wee could take on the battlefield were of a close up of me with the statues in the background.

It is not unusual to experience equipment failure in haunted locations! This has happened especially often in Gettysburg.

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