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Recommended Reading


Each of the books featured here has been read and recommended by a member of TCPRS.

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How to Hunt Ghosts: A Practical Guide

by: Joshua Warren

This is a book that belongs in every beginning paranormal investigator's library. The explanantions are basic and easy to understand. The book covers a lot of topics, so if you are looking for an in-depth exploration or explanation, you won't find it here. What you willl find is a great overview of paranormal investigating. I gave this book to my daughter s as an introduction and I recommend it to clients and new members as well. Very well-written, no-nonsense way to whet one's appetite for paranormal investigation.

Missing Pieces: How to Investigate Ghosts, UFOs, Psychics, & Other Mysteries

by Robert A. Baker(Author), Joe Nickell (Author)

I really enjoyed this book - I am not really into UFO's but found this book to be entertaining and interesting. The best thing about this book is that the appraoch is somewhat skeptical, which is an approach that we should all strive to use. It also contains many references that make this a great jumping-off book for seeing where to go next for more information about the topics covered. This is an excellent follow-up book for the book above.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings

by: Tom Ogden

I know this book got a lot of bad reactions in the paranormal community, but I read it anyway. After reading it I can say honestly I don't understand the vehemence - yes, it does have some errors, but it's not that bad. I have yet to read a paranormal or ghost book that doesn't have errors! That said, this book is best read by someone with a good knowledge of ghosts and the paranormal and someone not afraid to check information and sources! This book has prompted more discussion, debate, and search for the truth behind the stories than any other book I have read. In addition, this book was easily read by our members who don't normally read books - (now don't be a book snob!) Some people prefer to read short snippets so they can get an overview and then decide what they want to explore in depth, perhaps with a full-length book.

The Ghosthunter's Guidebook

by: Troy Taylor

Finally - a book for everyone. Great for beginners and experienced, knowledgable ghosthunters alike! This book is full of history and gives the reader a good view of where we are now in the field of research as well as where we have come from. What I really l ike about this book is that Mr. Taylor doesn't just make statements and expect us to accept them - he actually supports his statements with reasoning and experience. Even though someof my experience has prompted me to reach different conclusions on some subjects (such as graveyards and orbs) - I can accept his conclusions as valid in spite of their opposition to mine because of his sound reasoning behind it.

Haunted Places: The International Guide

by: Dennis William Hauck

Good Starting place if you're looking for haunted places in an area you live or plan to visit. Hauck is from California and it shows - the book has a lot more listings for CA than any other state. Also - check sources first! Many of the places listed are culled from other ghost books and are radically embellished accounts of true events. That said, I must give Mr. Hauck credit - he was the first person to publish a national directory of this magnitude and it must have been an almost overwhelming task.

Beware the Night

by: Ralph Sarchie

Interesting book - and the copy I got came with some kind of spirit attached. I ended up having to get rid of it, but bought a new copy. Some of the accounts here seemed to be a bit over the top, but I really liked his no-nonsense approach to the cases he responded to. Mr. Sarchie is a devout Catholic and his faith colors the entire book. If you are a zealous anti-Catholic that might disturb you. If you are the kind of person that cannot set aside your emotional reaction to the Christian/Catholic slant, then avoid this book. However, if you can set aside any personal negative feelings about the Church (if you have them) then you can gain a good understanding of how one's personal faith and belief in a higher power can help one face their deepest fears and scariest demons and win!

The World's Most Haunted Places: From The Secret Files Of

by: Jeff Belanger

I don't know why this is titled "from the secret files..." because all of the places in here are very well-known for their haunted reputation. The good thing about this book is that it has new and more contemporary accounts of witnesses to paranormal events. Refreshing! Although we might disagree about whether the places written about here qualify as "most haunted", I think every reader will agree that this is a well-written, readable compendium of good, haunted sites that are accessible to the public.

Hauntings and Poltergeists

by: Loyd Auerbach

Definitely geared towards beginners, but goes into detail about the history of Parapsychology, what kind of research is being done in the field today, the differences between apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists, tells a few real-life ghost stories from Loyd's own case files, and a bit about psychic development.

Hanz Holzer's Travel Guide to Haunted Houses: A Practical Guide to Places Haunted by Ghosts, Spirits and Poltergeists

by: Hanz Holzer

Stories of some of the most famous and interesting haunted places in the world. It has maps and directions as well, but as the book is not a recent one, you will need to double chech before choosing a destination. All in all a pretty decent book with a large selection of places Holzer himself had visited and found to be haunted.

Unleashed: of Poltergeists and Murder; the Curious Story of Tina Resch

William Roll and Valerie Storey

This book, wriiten by one of the world's foremost authorities on poltergeists and the paranormal, describes witnessing the unseen forces at work in the home of a 14-year-old girl. The book also traces the psychological connections associated with these events and how they were repeated in patterns later in the girl's life.