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Baleroy Mansion

Chestnut Hill, PA

- This picture is NOT of Baleroy -

Mr. Easby, the kind gentleman who owned Baleroy, passed away in December of 2005. His obituary can be viewed Here
I do not know who has care and control of the property at this time. Mr. Easby was a wonderful person and did believe in the spirits that haunted his home. He was always gracious about inquiries. If you are planning to contact the current owners/caretakers, please be respectful.

This is said to be one of the most actively haunted houses in the U.S. It was built in 1911, and was owned by George Meade Easby, the great- great grandson of Civil War General George Meade.

There are said to be several spirits inhabiting this stately home. Thomas Jefferson has been seen in the dining room. A spirit resembling a monk in a brown habit frequents the bedrooms. The ghost of a cantankerous old woman has threatened visitors with her cane. One room in particular, the Blue Room, hosts a very malicious ghost. She has been given the name Amelia or Amanda. Reports regarding the name are conflicting. Some say Amelia, some say Amanda. Some say there are two separate spirits; one for the chair and the other female spirit causes the fog and the depression on the bed. In any case, the female spirit of the Blue Room is said to have claimed a particular chair and anyone who sits in the chair dies shortly after. So far, the curse of the chair has four victims.

Meade moved into the house when he was 6. His younger brother, Steven, was 5. When they arrived at the house, the two boys immediately ran to the fountain in the courtyard. When they leaned over to look at their reflections, Meade saw his own reflection as he expected, but his brother's reflection was a skeleton! Steven died shortly after that. Meade says that although his brother died, he has not left the mansion.

Some restoration workers saw Steven in an upstairs window while they were working on the fountain. One worker saw a little blond boy, and he called his coworkers attention to it. As they were looking at the boy, he just faded away. The second worker refused to come back to the house after that. The restoration worker's son was working in the basement when he heard a voice calling his name. He answered, but when he got no response, he went to see who had called him, assuming it was his father. He soon found that they were alone in the house and his father had been on the third floor. He refused to work in the basement after that.

One night when George Meade was entertaining, he and the guests heard a loud crash from the house. Upon investigation, they found that the portrait of Steven was lying on the floor of the Gallery. The painting had come off the wall and flown fifteen feet. The nail was still in the wall and the wire was still intact and undamaged on the back of the portrait. There was no logical explanation for that.

Steven is not the only family member still hanging around Baleroy. Meade has seen his uncle and his mother has been seen and heard. There are loud footsteps, knocks at doors, and most disconcerting, pressure on the bed as if someone is sitting on it.

Amanda is the spirit believed to cause a bluish fog. Although she is one of the most well-known ghosts there, she is not a relative, and the reason for her haunting is unknown. Amanda appeared on the staircase to a former curator there after he had sat in her chair. He then claimed that Amanda was stalking him and he felt as though he were losing his mind. He died a month later. A psychic who visited the house says that Amanda is not evil. Her theory is that Amanda appeared to the curator to help him cross over. She also claims that the ghost of the deceased curator is also now at Baleroy!

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