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Anne's Rock

Colwyn, PA

We were led to this spot by a knowledgeable lady who grew up in the area. The first spot she took us to was a rock formation known as "Anne's Rock" next to a creek. We all felt as if we were being watched from a nearby group of trees as she related the legend. A young Native American woman known as Anne used to meet with her White lover near the rock. The couple was caught by her father and she climbed to the top of the rock and threw herself into the water and died.
Well, either the creek used to be a lot deeper and had a faster current, the rock used to be a lot higher, or she hit her head on a rock or something because I don't see how a jump from that rock could kill anyone.
We set up our ghost box (RS-469) to have an ITC session and try and get some answers. We asked who was watching us from the trees. The answer was "No one."
No one
We then asked if Anne, the traditional name of the suicidal girl, was an Indian.
The answer was , "No"'
We then asked "Why are you still here?"
The answer was "Can't leave."
Can't Leave
What was interesting was that although tradition holds that Annie is the ghost there, all of our answers were from a male voice. Who is he? We don't know. We asked him for his name several times and we did record a response, "But I'm telling you". His name, however, remained unclear to us.
So who was the man who communicated with us? We have planned a return trip to try and encourage him to reveal his story.

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